Query vs inquiry

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A query is a question. A query may be made to an organization or official office, or a query may be made in order to question the accuracy of a statement. Query may also be used as a verb, especially when the question is asked in order to challenge the accuracy of a statement. Related words are queries, queried, querying. The word query is sometimes used in American English to mean ask a question, without the connotation of challenging the accuracy of a statement. Query is derived from the Latin word quaere, which means ask or seek.

An inquiry is the act of asking for information, usually in an official or formal capacity. Inquiry may also refer to an official process of investigation. Inquiry is chiefly the North American spelling, the British spelling is enquiry. The plural forms are inquiries and enquiries. The word inquiry comes from the Anglo-French word enqueren, meaning to inquire. Remember, query may be used as a noun or a verb, inquiry is only used as a noun.


The Narendra Modi government spent Rs 35.58 crore on advertisements in print media, highlighting its achievements after it completed two years in power in May, an RTI query has revealed. (The Hindustan Times)

Paladin Energy has been forced to halt trading of its shares after a query from the Australian Securities Exchange demanding more information about $US200 million worth of deals flagged to the market yesterday. (The West Australian)

Fifty-six per cent of global fund managers queried in August as part of a Bank of America Merrill Lynch survey want groups to increase capital spending, up from 46 per cent just four months ago. (The Financial Times)

Three dozen advocacy groups across Canada are calling for an immediate suspension of federal hearings reviewing the Energy East pipeline project and a public inquiry into the actions of the national energy regulator. (The National Observer)

According to Bleacher Report, the Blues midfield man is interesting Sunderland boss David Moyes, who has made an enquiry as to the Irish international’s availability. (The Liverpool Echo)