The daughter of the late Senator John McCain has said Silicon Valley must stop allowing Russian propaganda to proliferate in the U.S. given the role it played in the last election. (Newsweek)

It’s a kind of stress that many people need to prepare for as the climate warms and wildfires proliferate, she said. (The Seymour Tribune)

Schwartz, who has practiced law in West Virginia for 30 years, said his top priority will be to fix the state court system’s money management, which he blames for the profligate spending by the court’s justices. (The Martinsburg Journal)

Not so long ago, thunderbolts of invective were being thrown at the Prime Minister for her profligate decision to take a separate Air Force flight to the Pacific Forum — at an alleged cost of around $80,000 (half a heart transplant, five prostate brachytherapies, plus change) — so she could keep the visit short while nursing her baby. (The New Zealand Herald)