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Peccadillo is a loanword. We will examine the definition of the word peccadillo, where the term came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

A peccadillo is a minor indiscretion or a small fault. A peccadillo is an action or situation that is frowned upon but is not particularly serious, and certainly not criminal. Most often, peccadillo is used to describe sexual dalliances, but not always. The word peccadillo is borrowed from Spanish. It is a diminutive of the word pecado, which means “sin”. Therefore, peccadillo literally translates as “small sin”. Peccatum is the Latin word from which pecado and peccadillo are derived. The preferred plural form of peccadillo is peccadilloes, though peccadillos is also acceptable.


Over time, this seemingly minor peccadillo snowballed into a $65 billion swindle. (Scientific American Magazine)

Coming off a very good year in Detroit – one buoyed by a .333 BABIP that propped up an anomalous 118 wRC+ – Infante’s comically low 4.2 BB% was adorable in the kind of way that Dayton Moore loved his targets to be, a peccadillo that made his walk-averse heart flutter. (The Royals Review)

She would presumably place Cardona in the same boat in justifying her exposure of his alleged sexual peccadillo in Germany. (The Times of Malta)

I don’t agree with some Mexican commentators who have minimized Peña Nieto’s plagiarism by painting it as a juvenile peccadillo, or tried to excuse it because it is a widespread practice among Mexican students, or who have criticized Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui, who runs the website Aristegui Noticias, for blowing the case out of proportion. (The Miami Herald)