Omnibus vs ombudsman

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Omnibus and ombudsman are two words that are are sometimes confused. We will examine the definitions of omnibus and ombudsman, where these two words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Omnibus may mean a book that is comprised of a collection of different books, stories or articles that have previously been published separately. Omnibus is also used as an adjective that describes something that deals with many different things or has many different aspects dealing with a variety of situations. For instance, an omnibus bill is legislation which is comprised of many different parts to cover a myriad of situations. The word omnibus is derived from the Latin word omnibus which means for all. The plural form of omnibus is omnibuses.

An ombudsman is a person in an organization who investigates complaints against or criticisms of that organization. An ombudsman is impartial, though he is employed by the organization that is being investigated. Organizations that may hire an ombudsman include companies, newspapers and public utilities. The word ombudsman is a borrowed or loan word from the Swedish. A borrowed or loan word is one that has been taken from another language and used as an English word. The plural form of ombudsman is ombudsmen.


America’s largest special interest group for Americans over 50—AARP—is praising the actions of President Donald Trump and Congress today for the passage of the omnibus bill for what it can potentially do for the organizations more than 38 million members. But the organization’s top advocacy officer says they can still do more. (Forbes Magazine)

The London Review of Books, for instance, praised Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis in two perfunctory paragraphs that were a small part of an omnibus review focused primarily on a book by Amy Clampitt. (Los Angeles Review of Books)

More than one million people a year contact the ombudsman, which has promised to appoint an independent figure to investigate claims that poorly trained staff with little grasp of financial products have been ruling whether or not claims should be upheld. (The Times)

According to Denisova, the presentation of the mission will become a plan for the next actions of the ombudsman. (The Kyiv Post)