Because much functions as an adverb (in addition to being a noun and an adjective), the adverbial suffix –ly adds nothing, and muchly is a superfluous word. It was common several centuries ago, but in modern English much has taken over all of muchly‘s territory, and muchly now has an archaic and sometimes humorous ring.

9 thoughts on “Muchly”

  1. You’re wrong that it’s superfluous even if they are synonymous. You can say for instance ‘thanking you muchly’ but ‘thanking you much’ makes no sense.

  2. “Thanks Muchly!” is commonly used in Australia. Although I have never heard of it being used much outside of this context :D

  3. I have used the word, Muchly, in a sentence. For instance; The Iced tea was muchly appreciated. In the sentence it makes for good grammar. ;)


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