Micro- vs macro-

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Micro- is a prefix which means small, reduced, magnifying. As a unit of measure, micro- means one millionth part of. Micro- is derived from the Greek mikros, meaning small, trivial, slight, petty, trivial. Micro- is a prefix which may be applied to word when describing something that is small scale.

Macro- is a prefix which means large, over a long period, the big picture. Macro- comes from the Greek makros, meaning long, abnormally long. Macro- is a prefix which may be applied to word when describing something is large scale, an overall picture.


Abbas noted that the Fund is paying more intention to Egyptian women, pointing out that the loans provided to women in the last five years amount to EGP 3bn for small and micro-enterprises. (The Daily News Egypt)

Mrs. Wade is rocking fresh micro braids and we are here for every moment of it. (USA Today)

This was followed up a month later by (now former) lead designer David Goldfarb reassuring gamers that Payday 2 would not get micro-transactions in the future. (Forbes)

Mike Coupe, Sainsbury chief executive, said the micro stores would be suitable for densely populated urban areas, where there were large numbers of office workers, or residents travelling to and from work every day. (The Financial Times)

My love for history animates all my macro ideas in banking and finance. (The Khaleej Times)

Macro trading, which involves products such as interest rate derivatives and foreign exchange, is no longer the revenue driver it used to be. (Business Insider)

Fortress’s macro fund, launched in 2002 to bet on global macroeconomic shifts by trading equity, debt, commodity and currency markets, is down 17.5% so far this year through September, according to a regulatory filing. (The Wall Street Journal)

But over time a pattern of microaggression can cause macro harm by continuously reminding members of marginalized groups of their precarious position. (The Los Angeles Times)