Mendacity vs mendicity

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Mendacity and mendicity are two words that are close in spelling and pronunciation, and may be confused. We will examine the definitions of mendacity and mendicity, where these two words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Mendacity means lying or not telling the truth. Mendacity is  noun, the adjective form is mendacious, the adverb form is mendaciously. The word mendacity is derived from the Latin word mendacium, which means a falsehood, a lie or fiction.

Mendicity means begging or being a beggar. Mendicity is a noun, an alternative noun form that is used much more frequently is mendicancy. The adjective from is mendicant. The word mendicity is derived from the Latin word mendicitatem, which means beggary.


The sheer mendacity of Prime Minister Theresa May’s claim of part funding a £20bn cash boost to the NHS through a “Brexit dividend” has been brutally exposed by two pieces of economic news this morning.  (The Independent)

The undisguised scorn of the judge has resulted in the judgment being widely shared online. Turner said His Honour Judge Davy QC, who heard Rashid v Munir & Ors  at first instance, bore witness to a ‘festival of mendacity’. (The Law Society Gazette)

It was filled with lies, deceit, propaganda, false narratives,questionable assertions,fake facts and figures and Goebbelian mendacity and falsehood.  (Vanguard)

The case of Ironbar is a constant occurrence in Nigerian sports with a dime a dozen tales of former prolific athletes, from Wilson Oruma to Femi Opabunmi who have been abandoned in mendicity.  (The Pulse Nigeria)

I was visiting classic sites; mendicity was a momentary concern. (The Telegraph)

As mendicity and homelessness in Rabat reach all-time highs, the Wilaya, or administrative division of the city, is taking concrete measures to fight these phenomena. (The Morocco World News)