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Lambaste is a verb meaning to attack severely, either physically or verbally. It can be spelled with or without the ‘e’. Lambaste is more common, though the dictionary will list lambast. 

It may be pronounced /lamˈbāst/(lam bayst) or /lamˈbast/ (lam baast). The noun form is lambasting.

The term ‘land blasted’ is incorrect and should not be used.


Subscribers of the Basking Ridge, New Jersey, mobile carrier were quick to lambaste Verizon Friday for expanding an existing policy called network optimization, which throttles or slows down 4G LTE unlimited mobile data during periods of high network usage. [International Business Times]

Paddy Power lambasted over delay in reporting data breach. [Irish Independent]

Su lambasted the ministry for attempting to rush the new policy through the legislature without a supplementary care system. [Taipei Times]

He took the loss poorly, lambasting officials and telling Maloney in the ring that he thought he was the rightful winner. [Sydney Morning Herald]

Social media in England was lambasting Australia, with one website comparing a fingertip try which was given to Billy Slater with Hall’s effort. [Daily Telegraph]

At all stages he could lambast the venality of leaders (military and political) with the best of them. [The Telegraph]

Republicans are about to be in the majority in both houses of Congress, so they should be able to pass a bill that’s to their liking. But while the party is united in lambasting Obama, it’s divided on any substantive immigration measures. [International Business Times]