Jersey vs guernsey

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Jersey and guernsey are two words that are similar in pronunciation but are spelled differently and have different meanings. We will examine the definitions of jersey and guernsey, where these two words came from as well as some examples of their use in sentences.

A jersey is 1.) a knitted top with long sleeves 2.) a shirt worn as a uniform for a certain sport and team 3.) a type of soft, draping fabric 4.) a breed of cattle. Jersey dairy cattle are fairly small, weighing between 800 and 1200 pounds when fully grown. Among the smallest of cattle breeds, the Jersey cow nevertheless produces more milk for less feed. In addition, the milk of this dairy cow is high in butterfat.  The Jersey cow’s coat comes in shades of brown. When the word jersey is capitalized as in Jersey, the term refers to the Channel Island. The Channel Islands are an archipelago situated off the coast of Normandy, in the English Channel. Tourism and agriculture are important industries. Accessible by ferry, these isles are known for their conservation, wildlife, resorts, pristine landscape and fascinating way of life. Visitors find the charming islanders to be gracious hosts for a getaway. Travelers enjoy beaches, walks, farms, boating, and other attractions such as watching the whales. Many tourists from the British Isles travel to Jersey as an escape and to enjoy the coastline, parks, maritime history, lighthouse and castle tours. Some travel to the Channel Islands to enjoy destination weddings.  The Island of Jersey is officially known as the Bailiwick of Jersey, a Crown Dependency. Jersey is not part of the United Kingdom, though the United Kingdom has an obligation to defend Jersey if necessary. Jersey is the largest of the Channel Islands, its capitol is St. Helier. The name Jersey may be a corruption of the Latin name Caesarea, the Roman name for the island. The word jersey to mean a type of cloth first appeared in the 1500s. The term Jersey cow first appeared in the 1840s, and the word jersey to mean a uniform shirt for a sports team first appeared in 1845. The plural form of the word jersey is jerseys.

A guernsey is 1.) a thick, knitted navy blue sweater worn by fishermen 2.) a sleeveless football shirt worn by Australian players 3.) a breed of cattle. Guernsey cattle are fairly large in size, weighing up to 1400 pounds at maturity. They are also bred as dairy cows. Their milk production may be greater than Jersey cows’ in the long run, as they mature faster. The milk of dairy Guernsey cows is high in butterfat and golden in color, as it contains a high amount of beta carotene. When guernsey is capitalized as in Guernsey, it refers to the Channel Island of Guernsey, located in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The capitol of the small Island of Guernsey is St. Peter Port. The waters around Guernsey have great tidal variation, giving rise to a rich inter-tidal zone. Coastal areas may be dangerous for sailing. The name Guernsey may be derived from the Viking name Grani. The word guernsey to mean a sweater first appeared in the 1840s, as a name for a breed of cattle in the 1780s, and as an Australian word to mean a uniform shirt for a sports team in the nineteenth century. To get a guernsey is an Australian idiom that means to be recognized for something or selected for something. The plural form is guernseys.


In a Facebook post, Jersey Fire and Rescue said: ‘Greenwatch attended two road traffic collisions today due to weather conditions. (The Jersey Evening Post)

The pants are made with a jersey fabric designed to move easily while you’re working out or simply hanging with friends. (Us Weekly)

For at least one team, though, that’s changing: Paris Saint-Germain and Jordan Brand just announced a partnership that’ll see the Jumpman grab real estate—and pride of place—on a soccer jersey for the first time. (GQ Magazine)

He graduated Class of 1947 and then worked as a Fieldman for the Guernsey Cattle Club doing farm inspections throughout New England and identifying and registering calves with the American Guernsey Association. (South Coast Today)

In a first for the Mortlock Shield, a team will be playing in a guernsey displaying contemporary aboriginal artwork when they run out on Saturday for the first game of the Shield. (The Port Lincoln Times)