Inpatient or outpatient

  • An inpatient is a person who takes up residence in a hospital while undergoing treatment, the inpatient stays in the hospital for at least one night. Inpatient is also used as an adjective to modify what sort of care a person is receiving or may expect to receive.


    An outpatient is treated in the hospital and released, an outpatient does not spend the night in the hospital. Outpatient is also used as an adjective to modify what sort of care a person is receiving or may expect to receive.


    The word patient was first used in the mid-1700’s. In 1959, the word inpatient was first used, as an adjective, while the word outpatient was first used as an adjective in 1879.


    Twelve additional adults can now be served in a new inpatient psychiatric unit at KVC’s Prairie Ridge Hospital in Kansas City, Kan. (The Topeka Capital-Journal)

    The government has decided to dismantle the inpatient ward building on the premises of Osmania General Hospital and build two high-rise buildings. (The Siasat Daily)

    University Health System’s board has approved pursuing $50 million worth of capital projects at Bexar County’s hospital facilities, including consolidating all of its pediatric inpatient services in one tower at University Hospital. (The San Antonio Express-News)

    We welcome him to our medical staff and are pleased to provide local, convenient access to psychiatric care in both our outpatient and hospital settings. (The Victoria Advocate)

    Officials say the new facility will provide 30 inpatient beds and would continue to provide emergency services,outpatient surgery and diagnostic services currently offered by Laurel Regional. (The Lexington Herald-Leader)

    On 19 July the case attended a community hospital complaining of a headache, and was treated as an outpatient and discharged. (The Sierra Leone Telegraph)


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