Impudent vs imprudent

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Impudent and imprudent are two words that are similar in spelling and pronunciation, but have very different meanings. We will look at the definitions of impudent and imprudent, where the words come from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Impudent means mischievous, impertinent. An impudent person does not give respect to those who deserve it. The word impudent is derived from the Latin word impudentem, which means shameless, without shame. Impudent is an adjective, related words are impudently, impudentness.

Imprudent describes someone who does not consider the consequences of their actions, someone heedless or rash. The word imprudent is derived from the Latin word  imprudentem which means heedless, inconsiderate, unaware. Imprudent is also an adjective, related words are imprudently, imprudence. Remember, impudent describes someone behaving disrespectfully, imprudent describes someone behaving in a rash manner.


A Russian news presenter, dubbed the “Kremlin’s chief propagandist”, has warned the United States any “impudent behaviour” towards Moscow could have “nuclear” implications. (The Independent)

But the after-effect of this impudent attempt to enforce their version of patriotism is that Chaturvedi fears to visit a movie hall ever again. (The Deccan Chronicle)

Carly A. Marrs, 20, of Eddy Drive, is charged with reckless driving, imprudent speed and unlawful possession of marijuana in connection with the tragedy that occurred in front of 6680 Shawnee Road shortly after midnight Aug. 20. (The Buffalo News)

Police apprehended Manny Sablan Murciano Jr., 24, of Ordot, on two counts of possession of a concealed firearm, two counts of possession of a concealed firearm without ID, illegal possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, illegal possession of a Schedule II controlled substance with the intent to distribute, imprudent driving, reckless driving, eluding a police officer, leaving the scene of an accident with property damages and no valid driver’s license. Murciano also had an outstanding felony warrant. (The Guam Daily Post)