Impractical vs impracticable

  • Impractical is an adjective to describe something or someone as unwise or impossible, without common sense, idealistic. Impracticable is a synonym of impractical in the definition of being unfeasible or impossible to use.


    Impractical has two derivatives, they are the noun impracticality and the adverb impractically.


    Impracticable has two derivatives, they are noun impracticability and adverb impracticably.


    A moratorium on genetically modified crops is impractical, incumbent Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa said. [Huffington Post]

    Even as his family remains locked in their infernal squabbling, neck-deep in the juices of base inequities such as incestuous bonds, substance abuse, the relentless pursuit of taboo pleasure, furtive practices of forbidden sexual peccadilloes, and casual cruelty, Supratik, a young college student with his head well and truly turned by misguided idealism supplemented by his obstinate impracticality leaves home hoping to change the world by redressing the wrongs meted out to the have-nots using brute force and bloody insurrection if need be. [New Indian Express]

    It’s several steps down from the narrow entrance hall to a living room that features a wood beamed ceiling and a wood burning fireplace set between impractically shallow display niches. [Variety]


    Mr. Owusu Afriyie, popularly known as Sir John, told Joy FM’s Top Story on Thursday that Mr. Kyerematen was only being theoretical, as suggestions he put forward were impracticable. [Ghana Web]

    Obviously no one is arguing for a starry rise in salaries across the board as that would both be unpractical as well as financially unviable. But a balanced path can still be found between impracticability and a viable restructuring of the pay structure. [The News International]


    1. Y’all missed the critical difference. Practical/impractical has to do with plans, ideas and concepts. Practicable/impracticable has to do with the success of that idea IN PRACTICE.

      — Sent from my Intergalactic Tricorder.

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    2. ‘Practical/Impractical’ has to do with the viability/feasibility of an idea, plan or concept.

      ‘Practicable’ refers to what extent an idea, policy or concept can be implemented.

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