Hoping vs hopping

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People often confuse the words hoping and hopping. However, there are a few ways to know how to spell the word that you want to use, either hoping or hopping. We will examine the meanings of these words, where they came from, the spelling rules that will help you know which word you want to use between the choices hopping vs hoping, and some examples of their use in sentences.

One may define hoping as desiring a particular thing to happen. Another hoping definition is wanting a particular thing to be true. Hoping means expecting a positive outcome to something, even when there is a chance that the positive outcome will not happen. One hoping synonym is anticipating. Hoping is the present progressive tense of the word hope, a synonym of hope may be optimism. The word hope is derived from the Old English word hopian, which means trust in God.

Most people understand the meaning of the word hope, but knowing how to spell hoping gives them difficulty. One rule to remember is that single syllable verbs that are pronounced with a long vowel do not double the last consonant when conjugated. The words hoped, hoping, doped, doping, gamed, gaming follow this rule. Note that the spelling hopeing is incorrect, root words drop the silent vowel, e, when taking the suffix:

hope + -ing = hoping                            hope + -ed = hoped

game + -ing = gaming                          game+ -ed =gamed

One may define hopping as jumping on one foot, jumping a short distance in a quick fashion or jumping over something. Hopping is used figuratively to mean changing positions or ideas, quickly. Hopping is also the present progressive tense, but it is a form of the word hop. Hop is used as a noun or a verb, and is derived from the Old English word hoppian mean leap or spring.

The simple answer to the question, “How do you spell hopping?”, is, “With two p’s.” Remember that single syllable verbs that are pronounced with a short vowel double the last consonant when conjugated. The words hopped, hopping, lopped, lopping, gapped, gapping follow this rule. Note that the roots words do not end in the silent vowel, e:

hop + p + -ing = hopping                      hop + p + -ed = hopped

gap + p + -ing = gapping                       gap + p + -ed = gapped

Remember, in deciding between the spelling battle of hoping vs hopping, spell hoping, as in hoping for a better outcome, with one p, and hopping, as in hopping down the lane,  with two p’s.


The Lady Vols are hoping that all their work prevents the result that fueled the necessity for it in the first place — a loss to Oregon State that marked UT’s second consecutive Round-of-32 exit after never being bounced from the tournament that early in program history. (The Daily Times)

Newfoundland hunters hoping to give moose, deer to food banks (The Toronto Star)

ALL they were hoping to do, said the organisers of an art festival in Wiesbaden, a small city on the banks of the Rhine, when they installed a four-metre statue of Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the town’s central square in late August, was to spark a debate about the Turkish president and free speech. (The Economist)

Universiti Malaya’s Awang Azman Awang Pawi said party hopping centred more on the question of integrity and moral politics. (Free Malaysia Today)

Preschoolers benefit most from play and exercise that helps them build fundamental gross-motor skills – like kicking a ball, hopping on one foot or riding a bike with training wheels. (U.S. News & World Report)