Hew vs. hue

Definitions and usage

Hew: 1. to make or shape with or as with an ax; 2. to adhere or conform strictly (to something). The past tense is hewed. The word is always a verb. The past participle is usually hewed in North America, and usually hewn outside North America.

Hue: 1. color; 2. the property of colors by which they can be perceived as within a range between primary colors; 3. appearance, aspect. It is always a noun.



With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. [Alameda Times-Star]

Although Apple doesn’t hew to a set schedule for upgrades, the last time it boosted the MacBook Pro was in April 2010, nearly 300 days ago. [Computerworld]


The rosy hue, named after the plant, is described by the global colour authority as vibrant and energetic. [Victorian Times Colonist]

Researchers compared how many total servings of fruit and vegetables 82 people ate per day to the precise hue of their flesh. [MSN Health & Fitness]

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  1. I just found an incorrect usage (hue when it should have been hew) in an academic book, and it’s changed (even if only slightly) my opinion of both the author and the publishing house.


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