Hew vs. hue

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Definitions and usage

Hew: 1. to make or shape with or as with an ax; 2. to adhere or conform strictly (to something). The past tense is hewed. The word is always a verb. The past participle is usually hewed in North America, and usually hewn outside North America.

Hue: 1. color; 2. the property of colors by which they can be perceived as within a range between primary colors; 3. appearance, aspect. It is always a noun.



With this faith we will be able to hew out of the mountain of despair a stone of hope. [Alameda Times-Star]

Although Apple doesn’t hew to a set schedule for upgrades, the last time it boosted the MacBook Pro was in April 2010, nearly 300 days ago. [Computerworld]


The rosy hue, named after the plant, is described by the global colour authority as vibrant and energetic. [Victorian Times Colonist]

Researchers compared how many total servings of fruit and vegetables 82 people ate per day to the precise hue of their flesh. [MSN Health & Fitness]

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