Haughty vs hottie

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Haughty describes someone who is arrogant, disdainful, feels superior to others. Haughty is an adjective, related words are haughtier, haughtiest, haughtily, haughtiness. The word haughty is derived from the word haught, which means superior in one’s own opinion, which in turn was taken from the Old French word hautif, meaning proud or arrogant.

A hottie is a sexually attractive person. The term may also be spelled as hotty, though the hottie spelling is more popular by a tremendous amount. Hottie first appears in the 1990s as teen slang, it has since found its way into mainstream English. Hottie was once a slang term for a hot water bottle, that meaning is virtually unknown today. Haughty and hottie are not pronounced in exactly the same way, though the pronunciations are very close.


There’s a haughty candor to Keith Hernandez that’s both revealing and almost funny. (The New York Post)

Of course, none of this justifies the haughty, contemptuous and racist attitude of many Ashkenazim toward the Mizrahim, or justifies rejecting the need to change large chunks of the Israeli narrative. (The Jerusalem Post)

There is a certain level of disrespect and haughtiness built into the investors’ consensus. (The Financial Times )

The reality babe has the Instagram hottie formula down, always ensuring to share her famous additions with her two million followers. (The Daily Star)

Now here was Harry, continuing her work, and what a prince indeed: a red-blooded royal hottie. (The Guardian)

Not that this decidedly dysfunctional group wouldn’t have issues on its best day, what with a short-tempered outfielder (Mazzello), conceited hottie power hitter (Chace Crawford), bigmouth player-coach (Duke Davis Roberts) and assorted comic relief benchwarmers (Matt Bush, Matt Barr) on the roster. (The Los Angeles Times)

Keira Goodwin has helped to generate £30,000 for ex- servicemen and women by appearing in Hotties for Heroes calendars since 2011. (The Sun)