Hangar vs. hanger

  • A hanger is (1) one who hangs something, or (2) an item used to hang things. A hangar is a shelter used for housing and maintaining aircraft.




    About 12 to 15 privately owned planes are parked outside at the Luzerne County-owned Wyoming Valley Airport in Forty Fort because the hangars are full. [Wilkes Barre Times-Leader (now offline)]

    The officer found five jackets on hangers inside the suitcase. [Royal Gazette]

    When the Sheriff’s Office decided to build a hangar for its aviation unit using inmate labor, the agency put Call in charge. []

    Those wiry, metal hangers from dry cleaners are a hassle to deal with. [Technorati]


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    2. DrinkableSausage says

      Now I know why the name of E1M1 and Megadeth’s “Hangar 18” are spelled the way they are.

    3. lol

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