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To halve something is (1) to divide it into two equal portions or parts, or (2) to lessen or reduce it by half. Halve is only a verb, though the corresponding noun, half, is pluralized with a vhalves


Halve as a verb

But people familiar with the plan say that one hallmark is a proposal to roughly halve the number of board members from the current 27. [Wall Street Journal]

The Pakistani government has caved in to public anger and a coalition party ultimatum by halving a fuel price rise. [BBC News]

A smattering of University of Canterbury courses will resume next week, while the institute’s term break has been halved. [Stuff.co.nz]

Mr. Quagliata halves the brussels sprouts, and cuts the butternut squash and the apples into asymmetrical chunks. [New York Times]

Halves as a plural

Squeeze the juice from the lemon halves into the water, then add the rinds to the pot. [Miami Herald]

The club also faces a secondary charge that it was responsible for both the first and second halves at Camp Nou starting late. [Guardian]

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