For, four and fore

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For is a preposition that means 1.) in favor of 2.) directed to 3.) over a certain amount of time 4.) in exchange 5.) appropriate to 6.) suiting the needs of . For may also be used as a conjunction. According to Oxford English Dictionary, for is one of the top one thousand most used words in the English language and probably derives from the German word für.

Four is the number after three and before five, it also is one of the top one thousand most used words in the English language, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. The word four comes from the Old English word feower.

Fore means located in the front, it may be used as an adjective, adverb or noun. Fore comes from the Old English prefix, fore-. Fore is also a golf term, an exclamation called out to warn people down the course that a golf ball is being hit in their direction.


They shuffle up one by one, men desperate for sleep. (The New York Times)

What will continue to haunt Woolworths for years to come is that it is giving its key rival, Wesfarmers, a clear run at the massive cash generator that is Australian hardware. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

A British backpacker missing in the Brisbane River had been drinking with three other tourists before they decided to jump off the William Jolly Bridge for a “bit of a fun”, police say. (The Brisbane Times)

A flight attendant kicked four Brooklyn men off a recent Toronto-to-New York flight for looking too Muslim — claiming their appearance made the captain uneasy, a new $9 million federal lawsuit alleges. (The New York Daily News)

Bank of Nova Scotia, Canada’s third-largest lender by assets, aims to increase earnings by as much as 11 per cent in four key Latin American countries within three to five years by adding more customers, embracing technology and cutting costs. (The Financial Post)

Gimme shelter: trenches and knits to the fore at London Men’s Fashion Week (The South China Morning Post)

Simmering discontent in the JD(U) came to the fore on Sunday after its national general secretary and former minister in Nitish Kumar government, Shyam Rajak, skipped the party’s national executive meeting in Delhi. (The Times of India)