Desert vs dessert

Desert may be pronounced two ways, when the first syllable is stressed, as in DEsert, it is a noun or adjective meaning a dry, desolate area, especially one covered in sand, waterless and usually hot during the day and chilly at night. Related words are desertic and desertification. Desert comes from the Late Latin desertum meaning thing abandoned. When pronounced as deSERT, the word means 1.) to abandon, to leave someone, to abandon a military post without permission, to leave a place so as it appears empty, related words are deserts, deserted, deserting, deserter, desertion (This meaning comes from the Latin deserere meaning to abandon, to leave, forsake, give up, leave in the lurch.) 2.) the fact of deserving reward or punishment, a person’s worthiness for reward or punishment, usually in the form of just deserts. This form of desert comes from the Old French deserte meaning be worthy to have.

Dessert is the sweet course of a meal, usually eaten at the end of the meal. Dessert comes from the Middle French word dessert, meaning last course, removal of what has been served, evolving from desservir meaning to clear the table, remove.


A forecast of heavy rain through Tuesday in the Desert Southwest and Southern California could trigger another round of life-threatening flash floods, the National Weather Service said Monday. (USA Today)

Panaridus plans to contract for its guayule with farmers in the southwest, many of whom are looking for a new desert crop after a steep decline in the local cotton industry. (The Salt Lake Tribune)

Iraqi deserters fleeing front lines for life in Europe (The Globe and Mail)

Seemingly, the JD(U)-RJD-Congress grand alliance has kept its doors open for deserters from other parties or combination, including the NDA. (The Times of India)

‘The joke is on them!’ Jenna and Farrah get their just deserts as it’s revealed their nominees are actually SAVED from eviction (The Daily Mail)

Buddy Valastro, cable TV’s “Cake Boss,” has always dreamed of designing a heavenly dessert for the Holy Father. (The New York Post)

Domino’s Pizza has introduced a new, warm dessert that’s a combination of chocolate chunk cookies and fudge brownies. (The Detroit Free Press)

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