Deposition vs disposition

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Deposition and disposition are two words that are similar in spelling and pronunciation, and are sometimes confused. We will examine the differing definitions of deposition and disposition, where these two words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Deposition has several meanings. One meaning of deposition is the process of depositing something. A second meaning of deposition is the removal of someone from office or authority, particularly a king or queen. Most often, the word deposition is used to mean a statement of evidence from a witness taken outside of court. Deposition is derived from the word depose, which is in turn derived from the Old French word deposer meaning to place down.

Disposition also has several meanings. One definition of disposition is the way something is arranged or the action of arranging things or a people in a particular fashion. Disposition may refer to the distributing of financial assets. Most often, disposition is used to mean a person’s temperament, his tendencies and ways of dealing with life. The word disposition is derived from the Old French word disponere meaning arrange.


But yesterday, BuzzFeed’s attorneys filed a motion in Miami notifying the U.S. court they plan to appeal that London ruling — not because they object to Steele’s deposition, but because they want him to have more freedom to discuss what he learned about the president and his alleged links to Putin. (The Miami New Times)

A lawyer for Gov. Eric Greitens’ former mistress is accusing the governor’s defense team of mischaracterizing the woman’s deposition testimony, and says she’ll support the release of the complete transcript “to set the record straight.” (The St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

United States: US Corporate Law News: IRS Publishes Guidance On Withholding Tax In Relation To Disposition Of Partnership Interests By Non-US Persons (Mondaq News)

So while someone may actually be getting older in a similar way toothers in their age group, they may appear younger due to their sunny disposition. (Vogue Magazine)