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The term debauchery dates back to the 1640s. We will examine the definition of the word debauchery, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Debauchery is an excessive participation in physical pleasure, especially sex, drugs and alcohol. Debauchery is immoral behavior, though not necessarily illegal behavior, and is extreme.  The plural form of debauchery is debaucheries. The verb form is debauch, which means to corrupt someone by means of sex, alcohol, drugs or other physical pleasure. Related words are debauches, debauched, debauching, debaucher. The word debauchery is derived from the Old French word desbaucher, which means to lead astray, and the suffix -ery which means the condition of.


So, if you don’t mind a heavy dose of crude humor and aren’t offended by debauchery played for laughs, you should go see “Blockers” because underneath all that bad behavior beats the heart of a movie that celebrates parenthood, even the cringe-worthy moments. (The Visalia Times Delta)

Lots of vaguely Edwardian men, having left their top hats in nifty lockers at the back, are in their vaguely Edwardian underwear, energetically engaging in variously camp forms of debauchery with a stageful of tarts on a stageful of playground equipment: a trampoline, a bucking bronco, a roundabout with chic white lights. (The Guardian)

An arcane Michigan law making it a crime to “seduce and debauch any unmarried woman” is drawing criticism after it was used in a plea deal Wednesday for three former Michigan State University football players accused of sexual assault. (The Detroit News)

If you find your friends are hungry and thirsty for debauchery, then the professing believer must do one of two things — change your primary influencer (friends) or stop reading your Bible so you can start telling yourself how good it is that you have close friends who don’t follow God. (The Twin Falls Times-News)