Creature comfort

creature comfort is anything that adds to the pleasure of one’s life or that eases the difficulty of life. The plural is creature comforts.

Some dictionaries list the term as singular while others list it as a plural. The distinction is minor and the term is acceptably used in either form. However, the plural form is vastly more popular.

The term as been around for centuries. Most speculate that it comes from the body being the ‘creature’ that needs temporal things like food and rest and other ‘comforts’. As always, origins of terms like these can hardly ever be proved or validated.


Those supporting the victim surcharge say people like Stiles, who can afford a creature comfort like cable, can afford a $100 fine that helps people victimized by crime. [Ottawa Citizen]

Though not as attention-grabbing as its more powerful siblings, the 2015 Dodge Charger R/T Road & Track is the Goldilocks of the available trims, blending plenty of performance with a high level of creature comfort and value. [CNET]

“The state at this moment appears a far better option both in terms of creature comforts as well as work opportunities,” said the official, who is planning a premature exit from New Delhi. [The Economic Times]

While one might have a view of the VW Combi as the original campervan, these homes on wheels have every comfort of home behind the drivers wheel including showers and washing machines to name but two creature comforts. [ABC Online]

2 thoughts on “Creature comfort”

  1. Does this have to be an either-or case? Reflecting on both, they seem to have equally useful but distinct meaning. The “creature comforts” form must refer either to an abstract or concrete list. “creature comfort” seems not to involve lists at all, but rather a state of being.

    e.g.“I journeyed to John’s cabin as it was generously stocked with creature comforts” vs“John enjoined us to partake in his spirit of creature comfort”

    Same John, same cabin. Entirely different sort of meaning.


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