Counsel vs consul

Counsel is guidance or advice or a person giving guidance or advice. Counsel may also refer to a legal adviser such as lawyer or barrister. Counsel may be used as a noun or a verb, related words are counsels, counseled, counseling, counselable in American English and counsels, counselled, counselling, counsellable in British English. Counsel comes into the language in the thirteenth century from the Old French conseiller meaning to advise, counsel.

A consul is an official appointed by a country to represent its interests in foreign cities and countries. Consul comes into the language in the fourteenth century from the Latin consul meaning a magistrate in ancient Rome.


Dozens of lawmakers signed onto a request Tuesday for Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special counsel to oversee the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private emails. (The Washington Examiner)

A division bench of the Hyderabad High Court on Monday expressed anger at a counsel representing the AP government in an alleged illegal sand mining case for not following its orders. (The New Indian Express)

Lakers’ Kobe Bryant offers Coach Byron Scott consoling, and counsel (The Los Angeles Times)

Mayor Martin Walsh and French Consul General Valery Freland observed a moment of silence Tuesday afternoon to honor the victims of the terror attacks in Paris. (The Boston Globe)

Bouhlal also said the contribution of the State of Mississippi and Mr. Everett Keenum as honorary consul will be important in the process of consolidating Moroccan-US cooperation ties. (Morocco World News)

He said as an example that “the office holders of the created posts of Consul General” were seeking to remain in office until the end of the contracts granted to them by the past Government. (The Trinidad and Tobago Express)

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