Cottage industry

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Cottage industry is a term used to describe a venture or manufacturing business that relies on people doing the work in their own homes. This can either be someone’s individual home business in which he or she sells the items. Or it can refer to a large company that uses individuals to make and sell the product, instead of factories.

It can also be used to describe a topic or activity that is restricted but those that do engage in it are very excited about it.

The singular can also be a mass noun describing the whole group, or if one is referring to two or more specific companies the plural is cottage industries.


Fatimah said cottage industry such as kek lapis production can be turned into branded business, if the quality and packaging adhere to international standards. [The Borneo Post]

The blast in West Midnapore’s Pingla in which at least 12 persons died has blown the veil off a cottage industry that thrives on explosives and employs thousands, many of whom are minors and are poorly paid. [The Telegraph India]

He said some RM100 million has been allocated to be given away to those interested in cottage industry businesses such as fish and prawn products. [The Sun Daily]

Other solutions include alternative locations for small-scale and cottage industries, a subsidy for LPG as a fuel and the replacement of rusting iron parts in the structure with a rust-free alloy. [The Hindu]