Concurrent vs consecutive

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Concurrent means 1.) occurring at the same time, 2.) approaching the same point, 3.) having equal authority, 4.) harmonious. Concurrent is an adjective, related words are concurrently and concurrency. Concurrent comes into the English language in the fourteenth century from the Latin concurrentem meaning running together, meeting.

Consecutive means following a chronological or logical sequence, in an uninterrupted line, successive. Consecutive is an adjective, related words are consecutively and consecutiveness. Consecutive enters the English language in the early seventeenth century from the Latin word consecutus, which means following closely. Concurrent and consecutive are often applied to the serving of judicial sentences; concurrent sentences are served simultaneously, consecutive sentences are served sequentially. The words concurrent and consecutive have been applied to the serving of judicial sentences since 1767.


Says was informed by its founders and Raiffeisen Switzerland Cooperative (“Raiffeisen”) of a number of concurrent transactions in relation to its shares (Reuters)

Concurrent crashes in Mount Pleasant bring units from Somers, Racine (The Journal Times)

Possession of a controlled substance with the intent to deliver Aljerrek Jaquen White, 19, 1401-8th St. NW, Apt. 26, $750 court fee, $575 indigent recoupment, $25 victim-witness fee, obtain chemical dependency evaluation, three years, credit for 17 days, first serve 18 months, three years probation, also failure to appear after release-bail jumping, $500 court fee, $25 victim-witness fee, three years, first serve 18 months, three years probation, concurrent with other sentence. (The Minot Daily News)

Running concurrent to all of that was an uptick in the Nuggets’ defensive posture. (The Denver POst)

With the RJD on Friday announcing schedule for the election of its national president and no other prominent party leader staking claim for the post, incumbent Lalu Prasad (67) is all set to become national president of RJD for the ninth consecutive term. (The Times of India)

Luton ‘saddened’ to sack manager John Still after four consecutive defeats halt his reign (The Daily Mail)

A 26-year-old Quincy man has been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences for the 2012 fatal shooting of two one-time friends on a Boston street in broad daylight. (The Boston Herald)