Caste vs cast

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A caste is a social position assigned by virtue of heredity, wealth, or profession. The best known caste system occured in Hindu society with the Vedic hereditary classes: Brahman, Kshatriya, Vaisya and Sudra. Today, the Constitution of India prohibits discrimination based on caste.

A cast is 1.)  something formed in a mold, an impression of something 2.) a plaster of Paris-stiffened bandage molded to a broken bone in order to immobolize and protect it 3.) a throw of something, such as a throw of dice or a throw of a fishing line 4.) the direction or arrangement of something, the character of someone or something 5.) the dispersal of hounds to find a scent 6.) worm detritus, a pellet disgorged by an owl or hawk 7.) the company of actors in a play or movie. As a verb, cast means 1.) to throw something forcefully in a particular direction 2.) to toss something so it disperses over an area 3.) to vote 4.) to loose hounds on a scent 5.) to discard, shed, slough off.


Three members of a caste panchayat in Maharashtra were arrested for allegedly ostracising 11 families and imposing a “fine” on the family of a boy, who had ‘eloped’ with a girl of the same caste. (The Business Standard)

After pitching for a review in reservations, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Sunday stressed on the need to remove caste-based demarcation in temples, water sources and cremation grounds. (The Times of India)

Also on hand were Trace Adkins, soon-to-be Country Music Hall of Famers the Oak Ridge Boys, Opry star Jeannie Seely, cowboy comedy troupe Riders in the Sky, Countrypolitan mainstays Larry Gatlin and the Gatlin Brothers and cast members from the ABC series Nashville. (Rolling Stone Magazine)

Our way was up into the gaping gully, up into the shadow cast by the huge prow. (The Mearns Leader)

He said he would challenge everyone who buys an apartment in the complex to try cast a fishing line off their generous balcony. (The Sunshine Coast Daily)