Car park vs parking lot

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A car park is an area where a car or truck or motorcycle may be left, for a time, off-street. A car park is usually a paved area, the spaces are clearly marked with white or sometimes yellow paint. A driver is expected to occupy only one space.  Car park is the British English term, the North American English term is parking lot.

A muliple-storied building where cars may be parked is referred to as a multi-storey car park in British English, and a parking garage in American English.

A satellite parking lot is an area that is situated away from the building  that the lot is servicing, the driver will need a shuttle to get to his destination. Airports often offer satellite parking as a cheaper alternative.

A commuter parking lot is an area where a person may leave his car and share a ride with a group or alternately, catch a bus or train. Commuter parking lots are convenient for people who live a good distance from a city where they work.


A couple claims they were verbally abused in a church car park when they refused to remove a sticker supporting equal marriage from their car. (The Irish Independent)

If not for a New Brunswick man seeing a pair of flailing legs dangling out a car door in the Northland Mall parking lot Saturday afternoon, a Calgary senior might be far worse off today. (The Calgary Sun)

Police are talking down a young woman who is sitting and swinging her legs on the top of a Chelmsford multi-storey car park. (The Essex Chronicle)

The entrance to the parking lot offering the lowest rates at O’Hare International Airport will close Wednesday to make room for construction of a rental car facility and public parking garage, city aviation officials said Monday. (The Chicago Tribune)

Maryville planning commissioners should prepare to wrestle with satellite parking yet again after Maryville City Council voted Tuesday to send a recommended text amendment to the city’s zoning ordinance back to the Maryville Regional Planning Commission for more work. (The Daily Times)

The cab of a diesel tanker was destroyed by fire Wednesday morning at the Interstate 295 commuter parking lot. (Bangor Daily News)

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