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Byproduct means an ancillary product or result of a primary process. A byproduct may be unintended, but not necessarily unwelcome. For instance, grape seed oil is a byproduct of the winemaking process, and molasses is a byproduct of the refining of sugar. Byproduct is the preferred form of the word, though sometimes it is written as by-product, but never two separate words. Byproduct is a compound word, coined in 1857.


One especially enticing byproduct of the dish is that you end up with about two quarts of this incredible chicken-cilantro broth. (The Seattle Times)

The incidents are the byproduct of the latest consumer craze: cheap, easy-to-fly, remotely piloted aircraft. (The Washington Post)

Yuzhno-Kirinskoye has reserves of 640 billion cubic meters — enough to supply Japan for five years — and 97 million tons of gas condensate, a byproduct similar to oil. (The Moscow Times)

“A curious byproduct of an illness like this is the chance it gives you to read your own obituaries – but with all the nasty bits left out, since people know you’re still around to read them.” (The Guardian)

Since that time it was clear to me that the fuel cell industry could leverage significant value from production and sale of water as a byproduct of the hydrogen fuel cell process. (Forbes)

These problems, the last of which is partly the byproduct of a political system that lacks an independent judiciary and where the rule of law is not deep-rooted, are hardly an object of envy. (The Jakarta Globe)

China has been struggling to fight pollution, a byproduct of the nation’s economic boom over the past 30 years, as dirty air and water generate public discontent. (The Calgary Herald)

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