Bounteous vs bountiful

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Bounteous is an adjective which means given without restraint, given generously. Bounteous also means abundant, plentiful. The Oxford English dictionary considers bounteous to be an archaic word, related words are bounteously and bounteousness.

Bountiful is an adjective which means given without restraint, given generously. Bountiful also means abundant, plentiful. Related words are bountifully and bountifulness. Bounteous and bountiful are interchangeable, though some dictionaries prefer the word bountiful. Bounteous appears in the late fourteenth century to mean full of goodness, generous in bestowing. Bountiful appears in the late fifteenth century, also meaning generous in bestowing.


From the tawny wheat fields of the Peace River to the sun-burnished grasslands of the Chilcotin; from the perfumed orchards and vineyards of the Okanagan to farm fields of the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Island a-blaze with the orange of pumpkins, our dwindling year arrives at its most bounteous. (The Vancouver Sun)

It will bring renewed appreciation for the state’s eternal treasures: bounteous fish and wildlife; clean rivers and pristine fjords; a rich multicultural society of neighbors helping one another along the way. (The Anchorage Press)

In this case, there’s Tenth Avenue in the foreground; the bounteous, color-filled Hudson Valley filled with cows, corn and wine; and then an arid plain representing the rest of America. (The Wall Street Journal)

It is when gardens planted in spring become bountiful and colorful fall harvests, when the leaves begin to change and when you may also want to change over your decor to warmer colors. (The San Luis Obispo Tribune)

The eastern region was the most bountiful, producing 38,000 tonnes, followed by 19,000 tonnes in the west and 7,000 tonnes in the Northern Emirates. (The National UAE)

Visitors flocked to the inaugural Deeside Local Food Festival yesterday to savour a bountiful feast of local delicacies. (The Aberdeen Press and Journal)