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Bloviate means to talk excessively in an inflated manner. To bloviate means to talk a lot and say nothing of importance. Related words are bloviates, bloviated, bloviating, bloviator, bloviation. Bloviate is an American word, coined in the American Midwest in the mid-1800s based on the word blow. Bloviate enjoyed a surge in popularity during the presidency of Warren G. Harding in the 1920s, and again in the 1990s to describe verbose political speeches and punditry which in the end, contributes nothing.


It’s time to design and implement policy, not glad-hand, schmooze and bloviate. (The National Post)

I refuse to bloviate about how it has to do with people, places, things and situations that I do not care for. (The Daily Republic)

The comedian has a platform and, given half a chance, can bloviate with the best of them. (The Charleston Gazette-Mail)

Listen to members of Congress bloviate about the national debt, and you’d think that some uncontrollable entity was running wild. (USA Today)

But till the politics change don’t expect Leo to turn down any more chances to bloviate on his virtue. (The Prince Arthur Herald)

As predictions for 2016 begin to flow, the urge seems irresistible to bloviate about the presidential election even though no one — and I mean no one — knows for sure what will happen. (The Richmond Times-Dispatch)

Indeed, if there are so many moderate Republicans among us, why do they allow Donald Trump and Ben Carson to endlessly bloviate while they remain silent? (The New York Times)

It’s one thing to be a semi-literate, neddish, extreme Right-wing bloviator when all you’re seeking is a limited say over the performance of Kent’s bobbies.  (The Daily Mail)