Bisect vs dissect

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Bisect means to divide into two parts equal parts, to cut in two. Bisect comes from the prefix bi- which means two, and the Latin word sect, derived from the word secare which means to cut. Related words are bisects, bisected, bisecting, bisection, bisector.

Dissect means means to cut apart methodically in order to learn about the internal workings of something, especially a dead animal or plant. Dissect is also used figuratively to mean to analyze something piece by piece. Dissect comes from the prefix dis- which means apart and the Latin word sect, derived from the word secare which means to cut. Related words are dissects, dissected, dissecting, dissection, dissector.


A day earlier Sergio Parisse had failed to bisect the sticks and win the game for Italy against France. (The South Wales Evening Post)

Worsley completed an impressive 913 miles on his 71-day attempt to bisect Antarctica from Berkner Island to the Ross Ice Shelf (via the South Pole). (Men’s Journal)

It said it wants to stop the leak by late February by digging a relief well that would bisect and shutter the leaking well. (Reuters)

The Alps serve as a natural border with its northern neighbors, while the Apennines bisect the Italian Peninsula from north to south. (Forbes)

As we dissect their spending plan it appears that while they would approve a 4% increase they are funding only two thirds of that increase, allowing the remainder to fall back onto property tax payers while at the same time completely depleting the ending fund balance. (The Pilot Tribune)

Imagine your science project is to dissect a squid and then create a PowerPoint presentation of the process that incorporates graphic design, video, a soundtrack and a narrative explaining the procedure. (The Montreal Gazette)

The male models portrayed by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson stopped by Weekend Update to talk politics and dissect fashion crimes committed by the presidential candidate frontrunners, including Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. (The New York Daily News)