Autotune or Auto-Tune

Autotune is a verb that has recently been added to the Oxford English dictionary, it means to change the pitch of a recording with a computer program. Usually, an out-of-tune vocal recording is manipulated to render the performance in tune. The past form of autotune is autotuned, the indicative is autotuning. The adjective form of autotune is autotuned.

Autotune is an example of a word that has become genericized. The first program to alter recorded pitch was created by Antares Audio Technologies and is named Auto-Tune. It is available as a device, as well. When referring to this specific device or program, use the U.S. trademark name, Auto-Tune. When referring to the process, the spelling is autotune.

As the process did not exist until 1997, autotune is also an example of a new word coined for our evolving technology.


In a world of autotune and special effects in order to make music, many of them had a somewhat negative opinion of today’s musicians. (The Daily Herald)

While audience members heckled, West stood completely alone in the middle of what looked like a brightly lit art installation, singing love songs to Kim Kardashian into an autotune microphone and spitting out aggressive lines about his contempt for the haters. (The Telegraph)

Without the use of autotune, a crouching Kanye sang to the audience: “I always knew they’d try to tear me down. (The Irish Mirror)

It would be lovely if they let me use autotune but I doubt they will. (The Examiner)

Your LP’s curveball first single, “Looking for That Girl,” features Auto-Tune. (Billboard)

For those who don’t know, Schmoyoho is the critically acclaimed Youtube channel that created Auto-Tune The News (now Songify the News), the show where news clip montages are turned into musical hits through special effects and audio correction. (Media)

Auto-Tune artist DJ Steve Porter combed through the hours of interviews the pair gave and came up with a two-minute song performed by the boxers themselves hyping up the “Fight of the Century.” (Sports Illustrated)

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