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August is the eighth month in the Western or Gregorian calendar; it is a proper noun and should be capitalized. It can be plural in the form of Augusts.

While much of the world uses or at least recognizes the Gregorian calendar, there are quite a few other calendars in use throughout the world. These include the Chinese, Indian, Islamic or Hijri, Coptic, Persian, Balinese, Baha’i and Jewish calendars, among others.

As an adjective, august describes something or someone as being impressive or royal. It has the derivatives of a noun form, augustness, and an adverb form, augustly.


August can make for some pretty uncomfortably hot days. [ABC News]

The Tazewell County Health Department recently released facility inspection scores for August. [Pekin Daily Times]

At any rate, chances are Obama no longer looks forward to August at all because of the six Augusts he’s had in the White House, at least three were out-and-out horror shows. [Huffington Post]

This august body consist of 560 million members worldwide, representing 322 denominations, Muslim, Jewish and of course the world’s Christians. [Royal Gazette]

Shri Ashwini Kumar Chopra, Member of Parliament and Resident Editor of Hindi Daily News Paper ‘ Punjab Kesari. R B Shandilya Vice Chairman of NAFCUB was Guest of Honour and Subhash Gupta , Chief Executive , NAFCUB was among others who registered their august presence at the function. [Indian Cooperative]

The history of esteemed ensembles such as the Boston Symphony Chamber Players can sometimes seem buried beneath the weight of their own augustness. [Boston Globe]

Ms. Burton said Eurostat was like the Central Statistics Office in Ireland in that it was “augustly independent”, adding that it would make its own decision. [The Irish Times]