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Anamorphic was originally a geologic term, though now it is mostly used as an artistic term. We will examine the definition of the word anamorphic, where it came from and some examples of its use in sentences.

Anamorphic describes a projection or drawing that is distorted, though when observed through a particular viewpoint or method, it appears normal. For instance, some artists draw, paint or print a flat image which appears to be distorted in shape and perspective, but when its reflection is viewed in a cylindrical mirror, it appears normal. Another example involves the anamorphic lens, a type of film lens that stretches the image into a wider, higher quality image. Originally, anamorphic was a geological term describing certain types of metamorphic rock. The word anamorphic is derived from the Greek word anamorphōsis which means transformation.


If the first trailer introducing Whittaker as the new doctor is any indication, the wider views and realistic special effects will make “Doctor Who” season 11 feel more like a movie than a decades-old TV show, and it’s all thanks to the new Cooke and Angenieux anamorphic lenses that will be used to shoot the new season. (The Christian Post)

The extra money will be used to spend more on visual effects to make it look more realistic, and the money will also be used to shoot with anamorphic lenses to make the film look and sound better, Tremp said. (The Phoenix Business Journal)

He also yells uncontrollably, proudly displays his anamorphic art, and decides Laura needs to be stranded in the region’s vast, unforgiving salt flats, near an expectantly angry volcano, with meager provisions and two blind boys. (The Los Angeles Times)