Adapt vs adopt

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Adapt, when used as a transitive verb, means to modify something in order to make it useful for a new purpose. When adapt is used as an intransitive verb, it means to adjust oneself to a new situation or circumstance. Adapt may also mean to render a source text suitable for film, stage or television. Verb forms are adapts, adapted and adapting, the adjective form is adapted and the noun form is adaptation. Adapt comes from the fifteenth century Middle French word, adapter, which comes from the Latin adaptare, meaning to fit.

Adopt is a transitive verb which means to bring up another person’s child as one’s own. Adopt may also mean to take on, accept or follow a plan, idea or attitude. Adopt also means to choose another country as one’s residence. In Great Britain, adopt may mean to choose someone to be a candidate for office. Verb forms are adopts, adopted and adopting, the adjective form is adoptable and nouns are adoptee, adopter and adoption. Adopt come from the Middle French adopter, which comes from the Latin adoptare, meaning to take by choice, to choose for oneself, select.

Adapt and adopt are easily confused. Remember that adapt means to adjust to a new situation, which one might achieve by adopting new ideas or behaviors.


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