Thong or flip-flop

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thong can be a piece of leather used as a lash of a whip or underwear for women that does not cover their behind. In the United States and some other English-speaking countries, it can also be a shoe that is held on by two straps that go between the big toe. This is normally used in the plural, thongs, when referring to the shoe.

Another name for this type of sandal is a flip-flop. Notice the hyphen in the spelling of flip-flop. A flip-flop can also be a reversal of an opinion. A person with lots of these reversals is sometimes called a flip-flopper.


But the curvy model took things to a whole new level when she posted a snap showing off her bare bum in a thong. [Mirror]

Everyone has to work hard to find the best underwear for them, but I know that thongs are not it for me. [Bustle]

It’s laid-back, shorts-and-thongs territory and once ensconced you’ll do a lot of exploring on a pushbike (most rental bachs include a few bikes). [The Australian Financial Review]

While the engagement with Pakistan was resumed during the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) meet in Nepal last year, the inevitable flip-flop over reviving the dialogue with our neighbour culminated in this embarrassing episode — of the tweets. [The Hindu]

When and where are flip-flops an acceptable fashion choice in San Francisco, if ever at all? [SFist]

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