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Oases is the plural of oasis, and it is pronounced \ō-ˈā-ˌsēz\ (oh a ceez). 

An oasis is a location with water in a desert, or figuratively can be a happy place surrounded by sadness. This can also be used for a period of time when things were good.

It makes the adjective oasitic pronounced (oh uh sit ick), as well as oasal and oasean.


My first stint as Miss America for hire had been that September, in the desert oasis of Dunhuang, for the city’s International Grape Festival. [The Atlantic]

Just 20 minutes south of the bumper-to-bumper traffic and commercial frenzy of the Galleria area lies a 291-acre peaceful oasis unknown to most Houstonians, even some nearby residents. [Houston Chronicle]

To many, Trilokpuri is like a desert in the middle of the oases that are the three divisions of the upmarket Mayur Vihar locality. [Hindustan Times]

“We think it has something to do with the notion of avenues and oases with well-designed public spaces facilitating movement and congregation, stimulation and relaxation. We want to ensure Wellington keeps on growing as a capital city of which people feel proud.” [Scoop]

The flora of Ladakh is conventionally divided into three types: arid, alpine, and oasitic. [Osmaston]

On the seventh day, having finally reached their nomadic tribe’s oasal settlement, they hobbled their camels then had a glorious time renewing their bonds as they waited for the other family’s wedding party to arrive. [Palamarek]

Date palm is the most economically important food crop in Moroccan oasean agricultural areas, contributing to preserving an arid ecosystem threatened by desertification. [Jain]