News is a mass noun which means information that is just received or significant somehow. It is also an adjective used to describe things and people which find information to share with others. It has no plural form. One could count items of news or news sources, but not news itself.

    News has a quite few derivatives, such as, newspaper, newscast, newsperson, newsworthy, newshound, newshawk, newsmagazine, newsletter, newsmonger, and the adjective newsless.


    newshound or newshawk is a particularly energetic and enthusiastic reporter, while a newsmonger is more of a gossip.

    A person who loves to read the news is a news junkie, note the two word spelling.

    Several phrases used the term news, such as news to me, which means you did not have that information before; and no news is good news, which means if you have not received any new information, at least you haven’t received bad news.

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