Monetize vs demonetize

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Monetize and demonetize are antonyms. Antonyms are two or more words that have opposing meanings. We will examine the definitions of monetize and demonetize, where these words came from and some examples of their use in sentences.

Monetize means to convert something into money, to generate revenue from something, to earn a profit from a good or service. The word monetize is often used in business to describe turning a service that is initially offered to the public for free, into a revenue-generating company. The word monetize is derived from the Latin word moneta which means money. Related words are monetizes, monetized, monetizing, monetization. Monetize is the American spelling, the British spelling is monetise.

Demonetize means to take away revenue from something, to take away the ability to earn a profit from a good or service. Demonetize may also mean to decertify a coin or paper money as legal tender. The word demonetize is derived from the prefix de- meaning the opposite of, and moneta, meaning money. Related words are demonitizes, demonetized, demonetizing, demonetization. Demonetize is the American spelling, the British spelling is demonetise.


Monday night’s national championship game between Michigan and Villanova, to many Americans, won’t be “One Shining Moment.” Rather, it’ll be one shining example of what happens when you refuse to allow a business’s most important workers — in this case, the college basketball players who will be competing on the Alamodome court — from using their creativity, ambition and entrepreneurial skills to monetize their individual work and worth. (The Summit Daily News)

The new plan will help it monetize its fast growing user base at a time when rival Uber Technologies [UBER.UL] continues to struggle in the country, analysts said. (Reuters)

Even when YouTube acts to demonetize a video over a controversial issue (meaning the creator will not receive revenue through ads, even though the video remains viewable), the company is enacting censorship. (The Independent Republic)

Congress president Rahul Gandhi said today that if he was the prime minister of India he would have thrown the proposal to demonetise high-value currency notes into the “dustbin”. (India Today)