Misspell means to spell a word incorrectly. Misspell is a transitive verb, it takes an object. Related verb forms are misspells and misspelling. The American past tense and past participle is misspelled, the British past tense and past participle is misspelt or misspelled. Misspell first appears in the middle of the seventeenth century. Ironically, misspell is one of the top one hundred most often misspelled words in the English language, usually misspelled with a single “s”. Remember, misspell is a combination of the prefix mis-, which means wrong, bad, in error, lack, and the word spell, which means misspell contains two esses.


This Site Predicts How Badly Your Barista Will Misspell Your Name (Time)

At the same time, Josie mistook ‘assessors’ spelling to be ‘assecor’ – with Jye and Ben visibly wincing in the background after her misspell. (The Daily Mail)

In 2013, for example, officials at Georgia Regents University — a mostly health sciences-oriented public school with gloomy acronym GRU — managed to misspell the word “College” on 14 diplomas. (The Daily Caller)

After a while, I almost expected a sarcastic “Thanks, Lincoln” to appear in his writings (though that would be “Lincon,” as Dorman would purposely misspell it, emphasizing the leader’s supposed duplicity). (The Washington Post)

Even the best of us, with the 3.87 GPA’s, club presidencies and firm handshakes, will eventually misspell someone’s name in a letter of interest or confuse balance sheets with income statements. (The Duke Chronicle)

He said: “@JHenderson Welcome Jordan. Don’t advertise or misspell anything, give an opinion, swear or take a selfie & you’ll be fine.” (The Express)

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