Indolence vs insolence

  • Indolence is a noun encompasses the attitude of being sedentary or going out of one’s way to avoid work. In general to be lazy or slothful. The adjective form is indolent and the adverb form is indolently.


    Side note: Indolent is used in medical terminology to describe something that causes no pain or is progressing or growing slowly.

    Insolence is a noun for impolite or disrespectful attitudes and behavior. A child or underling could show insolence to a guardian or supervisor, respectively. The adjective form is insolent and the adverb form is insolently.



    This is a team who no longer appear to care about rational criticism, since they have been excused their indolence by the man who pays their extravagant wages. [The Independent]

    They have no official owners and live an independent, indolent life more suited to a cat. [The New Zealand Herald]

    While the average American has been indolently lurching toward the holiday season, retailers have been bracing for an ultra-competitive fight. [Fortune]

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