Glamour vs. glamor

American English often ends words with –or where other varieties of English use ­-our—for example, labor–labour, humor–humour, and odor–odour—but this is not the case with glamour. While glamor does occasionally appear in American publications, glamour is about five times as common, and is considered the standard spelling.

As is normally the case with -our words, the u is dropped when forming derivatives such as glamorous and glamorize.

1 thought on “Glamour vs. glamor”

  1. If it were an engineering adjective, the OU would be simplified to O.  But in fashion, where the French have donated so many words (or we have shamelessly borrowed them, wholesale), we pander to origins by retaining their perfectly pointless spelling affectations.  The petit bouffant looks so elegante on the femme fatale, oui?

    All that to say that the short haircut looks great on the remarkably pretty girl?   Bah, humbug.


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