Gemology vs gemmology

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Gemology is the study of precious stones. Related words are gemologist and gemological. The word was coined in the early nineteenth century from the Latin word gemma, meaning bud or jewel, and -ology, meaning knowledge or the study of. Gemology, gemologist and gemological are the preferred North American spellings.

Though the spelling gemology is gaining acceptance world-wide, gemmology is the preferred British spelling, also meaning the study of precious stones. Related words are gemmologist and gemmological. The Gemmological Association of Great Britain started as a subcommittee of the National Association of Goldsmiths of Great Britain in 1908. In 1929, the American Robert Shipley was certified by the Gemmological Association of Great Britain and returned to the United States to establish both the Gemological Institute of America and the American Gem Society.


This early success prompted her to continue her studies in jewelry design and gemology. (Shanghai Daily)

For those interested in a career in the fields of jewelry and gemology or just want to feed their passion, the Gemological Institute of America is offering scholarships for programs in a variety of fields. (Forbes)

Despite synthetic and artificially enhanced stones posing challenges to the trade, market confidence in coloured gemstones has grown significantly in the past few years thanks to transparent valuation standards, the establishment of institutional gemology labs and active market transactions. (The South China Morning Post)

With this collaboration, the University’s gemmology department will move into new, state-of-the-art premises at 1 Moreton Street in the Jewellery Quarter, enabling further development of gemmological training for School of Jewellery students. (Diamond World Magazine)

“As an art student, the toughest part of studying gemmology was the physics, crystallography and chemistry. Oh my Lord!” she says with a laugh. (The New Straits Times)