Folderol is a noun for idiotic actions, words, or ideas. It can also be spelled falderal. And with the two spellings it can be pronounced two ways, either /ˈfäldəˌräl/ (fall der all) or /ˈfôldəˌrôl/ (fole der ole). It is a mass noun which has no singular form. The spelling is more commonly found.

The term originated as a refrain in songs, literally “fol-de-rol“.

Folderol previously could be used in terms of a useless or idiotic item, and therefore you could have multiple folderols. However, this definition is obsolete and would not be understood.


The idea that all the fuss is a lot of hyper-sensitive folderol is just as offensive. [Montgomery Advertiser]

Also seen in La Cañada Thursday was the usual production folderol — tents and cameras, equipment trucks, film crews and, of course, the celebrity cast members themselves — firmly ensconced in the church lot. [Valley Sun]

The misspelling and separating of folderol echoing and mocking the preceding blood and bliss-full, and suggesting an antique spelling. [The Fortnightly Review]

Such amendment, if voted, would give the board of directors the sole authority to amend future bylaws, consolidate the board’s power, give the board authority to pay its directors, and other falderal. [Nashua Telegraph]

Think Porter Wagoner and Dolly Parton and all the Nashville falderal that goes along with it—Nudie Suits, cheatin’ hearts and big hair. [Milwaukee Mag]

Brown College is a jolly home, Fol de rol, de rol, rol, rol. [Songs of Brown University]

How do the ducks and the geese get over? Falderal, falderal, falay. [Old Glasgow]

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