Dissatisfied or unsatisfied

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To satisfy means to create or cause happiness or pleasure. It may also speak of fulfilling requirements or meeting obligations. It may be used with or without an object.

The noun form is satisfaction and an adjective form is satisfactory. The prefixes un- and dis- may be added to the noun, adjective, and all conjugations of the verb form.

To be dissatisfied is to have a lack of contentment or happiness in regards to something.

Unsatisfied, on the other hand, simply means to not be satisfied, as in the meaning of being unfulfilled or having unmet obligations.

A person may feel dissatisfied or unsatisfied, but a contract may only be unsatisfied.


As with other constitutional compromises, this EVEL has left a lot of people dissatisfied, among them Mr Hague’s predecessor as secretary of state for Wales. [BBC]

Saudi Arabia has suspended most of its financial aid to Yemen, a clear indication of its dissatisfaction with the growing power of the Houthi. [Sydney Morning Herald]

“Entrepreneurship shouldn’t be seen as a solution or backup plan for leaving a dissatisfactory job,” Teodros told Business News Daily. [Business News Daily]

Unsatisfied with the response, Annunciation leaders complained to the Milwaukee district attorney’s office, which later filed the theft charge against Dokos. [Chicago Tribune]

Enter Irish Water and a focus for all of this unsatisfaction and unhappiness as we’ve seen in recent weeks. [The Irish Times]

It said that the branch has found security at seven of the total eight A and B category sites unsatisfactory. [The Express Tribune]