Demagogue vs demigod

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demagogue (pronounced \ˈde-mə-ˌgäg\ or dem ah gog) is a leader, usually political, who makes false promises and gains his or her popularity through feelings rather than logic. It may also be spelled demagog. Thought the vast preference is for the longer spelling. So much so that we could not find an acceptable example of the shorter spelling.

The actions of a demagogue can be termed demagoguery or demagogy, both of which have multiple accepted pronunciations. It can also be a verb for a person who acts like a demagogue.

demigod can be one of two things. Either it is a person who is the child of a human and a god, mostly found in the Greek and Roman mythologies. In modern days, a demigod can also be someone who is so powerful or awe-inspiring that they seem to be like a god. It is always one word without a hyphen.

The simple distinction between the two is that being a demagogue is bad, but being a demigod is good.


This odd Edwardian figure popped up into public life, and decided to became a demagogue. Richard Crossman, in his diary of 1968, worried about Powell’s celebrity appeal to “mass opinion, right over our parliament and his party leadership”. [The Guardian]

This demagoguery, whether due to ignorance or political disingenuousness, has caused millions of Americans to view all “taxes” as some sort of government criminality rather than the price of a civilized society. [Los Angeles Times]

What I mean by respect is first and foremost acknowledging Ukraine as a nation, abandoning the rhetoric of Russians and Ukrainians being one people, suspending the demagogy of positioning the language as a wedge issue, when in fact, all Ukrainian citizens are free to choose what they speak without fear of repercussion. [Huffington Post]

But while he’s voiced criticism (and on this page) of the president for his two executive orders, he also has lambasted (and again on this page) far-right extremists within his party for shamelessly demagoguing immigrants and reform. [Waco Tribune]

The MGM and Paramount feature Hercules, with Dwayne Johnson is an impressive retelling of the legendary myth of a stupendously strong hero in an alternative story of a demigod. [Liberty Voice]

The exception, of course, was David Hayes, who reached demigod status during his tenure here. [South China Morning Post]