Bespeckled or bespectacled

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To bespeckle something, one must shower it with tiny dots or flecks of color. Then the item is bespeckled. You could also simply speckle the object, which means the same thing (to cover it with speckles).

For an item to be bespectacled, it must be wearing eyeglasses. This word is only found in its adjective form and does not have a verbal form.

These words are often confused and one should be clear if the meaning should refer to a speck or some specs.


But the next steps are very real and give you very real results, taking your possibly-slightly-visible pores down to the definitely-need-a-microscope-to-see-them level. So what are these things that bespeckle your skin? [Yahoo Shine Canada]

As I scan our makeshift “field” high atop a ridge on Mt. Elgon on the Kenya/Uganda border, deep green majestic peaks surround us, the sky displays azure blue with pearl white clouds bespeckling the sky. [New America Media]

Revival houses inevitably offered 35mm prints bespeckled with dust and worse, often with missing frames or scenes. [Huffington Post]

At Moonlight in New Hope, he speckled lobster tails with Pop Rocks. [Philadelphia Mag]

Bespectacled Mehdi, with a week-old stubble had become a bundle of nerves in the last two days after his interview with Channel 4, police said. [The Hindu]

I knew before his name was spoken that somehow the bespectacled, bow-tied fellow kissing his worried wife goodbye was this nearly mythical figure from my youth. [Boston Herald]