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The word benefiting and benefitting are alternate spellings of the same word. Many are confused about when each of these spellings is appropriate.

We will examine the benefitting and benefiting meaning, the etymology, the appropriate use of each of these spellings and some examples of their use in sentences.

Benefiting is the spelling that is primarily used in American English. Benefitting is the spelling that is primarily used in British English. The same holds true for benefited or benefitted, the double t is the preferred spelling in British English.


Benefiting or benefitting is the present participle of the verb benefit. The verb benefit means to give an advantage or some type of profit to someone, or to receive an advantage or some type of profit. It is derived from the Latin word benefactum which means a good deed.

Many know how to spell benefit, but spelling benefited or benefitted, and knowing how to spell benefitting and benefiting can be trickier.

Many words that end in a consonant are spelled differently in American English and British English when adding a suffix, the American version consisting of only one ending consonant and the British version consisting of two.

How To Remember Which To Use

There is an interesting rule to follow to spell these words correctly. American words that end in a consonant do not double that consonant when adding a suffix if the stress is on the first syllable of the word. American words that end in a consonant, double that consonant when adding a suffix if the stress is on a syllable other than the first syllable.

British words that end in a consonant generally double that consonant when adding a suffix. For American English, the spellings of benefited and benefiting is sometimes confused with the spellings of the words fitted and fitting.

The word fit is a one-syllable word that ends in a consonant, therefore, the final consonant is doubled when adding the suffix.

Many Americans add to the confusion by patterning the spellings of benefited and benefiting on the word fit, even though a different spelling convention governs the word benefit.

Since benefitted or benefited, and benefitting or benefiting are considered acceptable spellings, when deciding on which spelling to use, consider your audience. Spell benefitting with two t’s when addressing a British audience, Canadian or outside of the US.

The benefiting spelling, with one t is usually appropriate for an American audience. Following are some examples illustrating the use of benefited vs benefitted, and benefiting vs benefitting.

Examples Of Benefiting and Benefitting Being Used In A Sentence

The contracts obtained by Wages’ company have prompted questions about whether he improperly benefited from being McCarthy’s brother-in-law. (The Los Angeles Times)

Union Minister for Health and Family Welfare J P Nadda Tuesday said that about 1.5 lakh people have benefitted from the ambitious Ayushman Bharat healthcare scheme within the first month of its launch. (The Financial Express)

Starting Saturday at 5:30 p.m., Vikings fans can meet quarterback Kirk Cousins, tour the team’s new headquarters and bid in a silent auction during a night benefiting a cause close to the hearts of Leah and Rob Brzezinski, a Vikings front office executive. (The Minneapolis Star Tribune)

UAE, India benefitting from technology wave (The Khaleej Times)


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