Axel vs. axle

  • An axel is a figure-skating jump named after the Norwegian skater Axel Paulsen (1855-1938). It does not need to be capitalized. An axle is a rounded shaft or rod that connects two wheels. Coincidentally, this word’s origins are also Norwegian; it comes from the Old Norse öxull.




    My 10 year-old daughter, a competitive figure skater, recently learned to execute an axel. [Ricochet]

    With less mass over the front axle, the new Falcon should also change direction more readily. []

    Lambiel’s technical ability is suspect without a triple axel, but he is a brilliant artisan who can rake in the points in the component scores. [Loop Axels]

    When you want an axle to turn big tires and do so with some brute strength, the common choice is some version of the venerable Dana 60. [4 Wheel Drive and Sports Utility Magazine]


    1. Axel Rod of Guns’n’Roses always messed this up for me.

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