Appetizer or hors d’oeuvre

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An appetizer (spelled appetiser outside the United States) is a small portion of eatables served before the larger part of the meal is served.

The adjective form, appetizing (or appetising), has a slightly different meaning. It means that something is appealing or has a good aroma. It can mean for something to want to be eaten or simply admired.

An hors d’oeuvre (pronounced \or derv\) is a synonym for appetizer according to the dictionary and is listed with the same definition. The plural is hors d’oeuvres.

Some will suggest that hors d’oeuvres are smaller than appetizersHors d’oeuvre literally means ‘out of work’ and has come to mean ‘outside the meal’. While appetizer complements the meal and is just the first course. Really, it comes down to personal preference.


Before you start filling up on all these easy-to-grab appetizers, here are a few sensible ideas to make sure you are doing so mindfully and with health in mind. [The Morning Sun]

“I want to see a little bit more weakness before I call it a really appetizing entry point,” Hugh Johnson, chairman of Hugh Johnson Advisors, told CNBC’s “Power Lunch.” [CNBC]

Another inviting appetiser is the quattro platter, which is a combination of deep-fried risotto balls, calamari, fried lemon cheesy balls and zucchini string served with marinara sauce and alfredo sauce for dipping. [New Straits Times Online]

A woman in a mini-skirt sauntered by holding a glass of champagne in one hand, hors d’oeuvre in the other. [Westport News]

These hors d’oeuvres are celebratory, simple to make and small enough that you’ll still have room for the main event. [Huffington Post]